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Certified Organic Raw Buckwheat & Honeydew Honey - 400g Jar

Certified Organic Raw Buckwheat & Honeydew Honey - 400g Jar

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Product Properties:

  • ❤️ Heart
  • 🌿 Special Health-Promoting Properties
  • ♻️ Circulatory System
  • 💪 Lots of Routine and Iron
  • 🍯 Manuka Equivalent
  • 👩‍⚕️ Liver

    Certified Organic & Raw: Our Buckwheat & Honeydew Honey is not only exceptional in taste but also in its commitment to quality. It's 100% Certified Organic and Raw, ensuring it's produced without harmful pesticides or chemicals, while preserving its natural goodness.

    Colour and Taste: Buckwheat and honeydew honey is renowned for its intriguing tea colour. Depending on the apiary's location, crystallisation, and storage method, it can range from light brown to almost black, making it one of the darkest honeys available. This honey boasts a distinctive and intense flavour—spicy, sweet, and slightly warming. The aroma is equally distinct, offering your palate an extraordinary experience with every spoonful!

    Consistency: Our Buckwheat & Honeydew Honey is delightfully soft and spreadable, with noticeable texture. It's effortless to scoop from the jar and perfect for spreading on fresh bread, creating a heavenly pairing.

    For Whom: Is your circulatory system in need of cleansing and fortification? Do you desire improved liver and kidney function, effective immune system support, and thorough body detoxification? Look no further than Buckwheat & Honeydew Honey! It's renowned for having the most potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic properties among all honey varieties. It's recommended for seniors, those combatting atherosclerosis, anaemia, liver and kidney concerns, and even as a key ingredient in a nourishing facial peeling mask. Your body deserves this spoonful of health in honey!

    How to Enjoy: To harness the full potential of Buckwheat & Honeydew Honey's benefits, blend it with water or infusions at temperatures not exceeding 40°C. You can create a nutritious beverage with 1-3 teaspoons of honey, incorporating two teaspoons of pollen and bee bread for added value. Leave it covered with a saucer overnight and savour it in the morning for an energy-packed day! Alternatively, enjoy the honey raw by adding it to fresh bread, croutons, natural yogurt, oatmeal, waffles, or pancakes. Or simply savour it straight from the spoon for an intense sweetness.

    Storage Tips: For optimal preservation, store your Buckwheat & Honeydew Honey in a cool, dark place. In a pantry, cellar, or refrigerator, it will maintain its original colour and consistency. At room temperature and exposed to light, it may separate into liquid and solid components (and may dissolve entirely if the temperature is too high), gradually darkening. Use a tightly sealed glass container for storage to prevent it from absorbing other odours and ensure the honey's long-lasting quality. Trust in glass for the stability of this exquisite bee product, as plastic or metal containers may interact with the honey, compromising its integrity.

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