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Certified Organic Honey

Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey - 400g

Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey - 400g

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Product Description:

Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey derives its name from its origin, crafted from various species of melliferous flowers. Renowned for its versatility, our "Honey of a Thousand Flowers" is among the most sought-after varieties.

Colour and Flavour Profile of Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey: This honey exhibits a straw-coloured, light yellow hue, reflecting its diverse floral sources. Due to varying proportions of nectars from numerous plants, its colour can range from light yellow to a warm tea tone post-crystallization.

Its taste profile is mild, though nuances may vary based on the proportion of flower nectar present.

Consistency of Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey: After undergoing the crystallization process and cold transfer from barrel to jar, our multifloral honey offers a spreadable texture, ranging from smooth to slightly coarse-grained.

Ideal Consumption Times for Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey: The chemical composition of multifloral honeys varies, offering distinct properties. They are primarily rich in carbohydrates like glucose and fructose, along with organic acids such as gluconic, malic, and citric acids.

Spring-harvested honey, abundant in simple sugars, serves as a source of energy, particularly beneficial during physical and mental fatigue. Its easily digestible sugars contribute to heart and circulatory health, aiding in the prevention of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Additionally, it supports liver function and gallbladder health.

Summer and autumn varieties boast enriched enzyme content and antibacterial properties, aiding in alleviating hay fever and allergic bronchial asthma. Some allergy sufferers may use them, under medical supervision, for immunization against specific pollen types. Regular consumption aids in strengthening immunity and enhancing metabolism. Furthermore, these varieties positively impact blood pressure and promote smooth, nourished skin.

Recommended Consumption Method for Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey: With its high nutritional value and mild flavour, Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey is suitable for daily consumption by both adults and children.

In the evening, add 1 to 3 teaspoons of honey to cooled, boiled water below 40°C. Enhance its biological and health benefits by incorporating 2 teaspoons of pollen or bee bread. Cover the mixture with a saucer and let it sit overnight. Consume on an empty stomach, approximately 20 minutes before a meal, for optimal results.

Additionally, Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey serves as a delightful substitute for sweets. When cravings strike, a teaspoon of honey offers a satisfying alternative—just be mindful, as one spoonful may not suffice!

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