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Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey - 400g Jar

Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey - 400g Jar

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Product Properties:

  • 🤧 Allergies
  • Coffee & Tea
  • 😴 Tiredness

As the name suggests, it is honey made from various species of melliferous flowers. Our 'Honey of a Thousand Flowers' is one of the most popular and widely used.

Unfiltered and Raw: Our Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey is a pure, unfiltered delight that captures the essence of diverse melliferous flowers. It's a commitment to quality that ensures it's produced without pesticides or chemicals, preserving its innate goodness.

Colour and Taste: This honey is a visual and culinary delight. It exhibits a radiant straw-colored, light yellow hue that captures the diversity of the floral world. The taste is subtle yet dynamic, reflecting the harmony of these nectars.

Consistency: Meticulously transferred from the barrel to the jar after natural crystallization, our Multifloral Honey offers a texture that's an epitome of artistry. The consistency can range from a velvety smoothness to a delightful coarse-graininess, ensuring a versatile and delectable experience.

When to Savor Multifloral Honey: Multifloral honey is a living testament to the changing seasons and diverse blossoms. Each season imparts a unique character:

  • Spring Honey: Abundant in simple sugars, it's a wellspring of energy for those enduring physical and mental fatigue. This golden elixir nourishes the heart, fortifies the circulatory system, and lends a helping hand in preventing coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Multifloral honey works in synergy with your liver, supporting detoxification and gallbladder function.

  • Summer and Autumn Honeys: Enriched with enzymes and armed with antibacterial properties, these honeys are an ally against hay fever and the allergic variant of bronchial asthma. After consulting a healthcare professional, some allergy sufferers use them for pollen immunization. Regular indulgence paves the way for a strengthened immune system and enhanced metabolic vigor. These honeys also contribute to maintaining optimal blood pressure and promote skin's silkiness and nourishment.

Recommended Consumption: Our Multifloral Honey, with its high nutritional value and delicate taste, is a perfect daily companion for both adults and children. In the evening, add 1 to 3 teaspoons of this liquid gold to water cooled below 40°C. For a surge of vitality, introduce 2 teaspoons of pollen or bee bread. Cover the blend with a saucer, allowing it to rest overnight. In the morning, stir and savor it on an empty stomach, approximately 20 minutes before your meal. It's an indulgent alternative to satisfy sweet cravings—just be prepared, a single teaspoon is rarely enough!

For Allergy Sufferers: Our Multifloral Honey has gained recognition among allergy sufferers for its potential to alleviate the symptoms of allergies. Coffee and tea lovers can sweeten their beverages while potentially experiencing relief from allergies. Many individuals have found our honey to be a welcome companion in their quest to combat tiredness.

How to Store Multifloral Honey: While honey boasts an impressive shelf life, the key is correct storage. Guard the treasure in a cool spot, protected from direct sunlight. Retain its original glass packaging, as metal containers may compromise its integrity and flavor. Stay vigilant against humidity and excessive heat.

For compact living spaces, an ideal storage spot would be a shaded kitchen cabinet, far from the heat generated by your stove. Over time, honey may develop two layers, a liquid top layer and a crystallized lower layer, which is a natural occurrence and doesn't affect its quality.

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