About Us

Hello there! We're Beesquit, a bunch of honey enthusiasts hailing from the breathtaking lands of Latvia. Our journey is all about bringing you the purest honey experience straight from the heart of nature.

So, what's the buzz about? We're not just your regular honey folks; we're on a mission. You see, in this age of heavy pesticide use, pollution, and cities growing like never before, our little friends, the bees, are facing a tough time. And that's where Beesquit steps in.

Meet Andis, our beekeeper extraordinaire. He's the third generation in his family to take up the sweet business in the Baltic beauty, Latvia. With the 21st century throwing all sorts of challenges at bees, Andis decided it was time to make a difference. That's why Beesquit works hand in wing with Andis and his crew of organic bees, plus a bunch of local beekeepers who share our passion.

Now, let's talk honey – the real deal. Our raw organic honey is like a taste of Latvia in every jar. No pesticides, no nasties. It's a jar full of the good stuff, just the way nature intended.

Why are we different? Well, our bees aren't buzzing around just any meadow. They roam free in Latvia's untouched meadows, sipping nectar from wildflowers like it's a buffet. The result? A flavor symphony that's as natural as a stroll through Latvia's unspoiled landscapes.

We've got not one, but two honey varieties to tickle your taste buds. There's the 'Multifloral' – a wildflower fiesta, and the 'Buckwheat & Honeydew' – a flavor combo that's like a hug for your taste buds.

And here's a fun fact: Beesquit follows the rules. We're HSE-regulated, making sure every jar we send your way is top-notch, safe, and sound.

But what truly makes our honey a gem is our love for Latvia. Andis, our main man, tends to his bees in a place surrounded by forests, swamps, and fields that are as clean as your grandma's kitchen.

Certified organic honey is rare these days. Many claim it, but few have the legit certification. At Beesquit, we wear our certification with pride. No pesticides, just the real deal.

Our honey isn't just something sweet for your tea; it's a piece of Latvia's charm, a nod to the hard work of our beekeepers, and a promise of pure, natural goodness. Each spoonful is a journey through Latvia's landscapes, a taste of organic excellence, and a sip of our dedication to keeping it real.

Ready to dive into Latvia with us? Grab a jar, open it up, and let the flavors take you on a journey. Beesquit – where nature meets your taste buds, and every jar tells a story. Welcome to the hive!