About Us

Welcome to beesquit, your go-to destination for exceptional raw organic honey. We take pride in sourcing the finest honey from the serene landscapes of Baltic Latvia, carefully packed in the heart of Ireland. Our honey is unfiltered, unpasteurized, untreated – a true testament to its living and wild nature.

Every jar of beesquit honey is an exclusive delight, not found anywhere else. What sets beesquit apart is our commitment to rare, limited edition monofloral honeys. These treasures are harvested from medicinal plants and herbs, boasting short seasons and small harvests that make them truly unique.

Our inspiration comes from the rich biodiversity of Baltic Latvia. With over half of all plant species on the planet found in this region, each jar of beesquit honey is a celebration of nature's diversity.

My personal journey with honey began during my time in different parts of the world. Living with locals and learning their traditions, I discovered the extraordinary honey from their native villages, where even bears couldn't resist its goodness. This sparked my passion, leading me to source samples and establish connections with local beekeepers and cooperatives.

InΒ Β 2022, after a year of meticulous planning, my family and I proudly launched beesquit. We are excited to share our passion for exceptional honey with you. We hope you savor every moment with beesquit, just as much as we do.

Cheers to sweet moments and nature's wonders!

Edgars Eglitis Founder, beesquit