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Premium Raw Heather Honey - 450g Jar

Premium Raw Heather Honey - 450g Jar

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Heather Honey 

The hue of heather honey dances between amber and tea, taking on lighter or darker shades. The exact colour of your honey might vary, influenced by the location of the apiary, the level of crystallization, and your storage methods. Heather honey proudly ranks among our darker honey selections.

The taste of heather honey is truly distinctive and exquisite, offering a sharp and slightly bitter profile. Each spoonful of this exceptional product captivates with its subtle heather aroma, leaving a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Consistency of Heather Honey

Heather honey boasts a spreadable consistency with noticeable, often fine, lumps that can be subtly felt on the tongue. This honey is thick and spreadable, making it easy to extract from the jar and a breeze to spread using a spoon or knife.

Recommendations for Consumption

Heather honey brings a trio of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties to the table, establishing itself as a stalwart ally in your quest for health and a robust immune system. It's particularly advised for individuals contending with urinary and digestive system issues, as well as respiratory inflammations.

Moreover, honey is an exceptional dietary addition for convalescents, athletes, and those engaged in physically demanding work. Every spoonful of this delicacy provides an abundance of easily digestible energy and bestows a positive impact on vitality.

How to Enjoy Heather Honey

With its distinct sharp and bitter taste, heather honey is an ideal choice for enthusiasts of savoury culinary delights. You can blend it with water (1-3 teaspoons of honey per 200-250 ml of water), teas, and herbal infusions. To retain the maximum potency and properties of heather honey, it's vital to keep the temperature of your beverages below 40°C.

Heather honey can also serve as an exclusive addition to exquisite desserts, mini toasts, and elegant pancakes. Need an energy boost? Take a portion of this heather delight on a spoon and let it slowly dissolve in your mouth – within moments, you'll feel its invigorating strength flow through your entire being!

Storing Heather Honey

For optimal preservation, store heather bee honey in a cool, dark spot, preferably in a basement or pantry. This will ensure that its colour and consistency remain unchanged for as long as possible. When honey is kept at room temperature and exposed to light, it may separate into two layers: liquid and solid. Extreme temperatures can lead to complete dissolution.

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