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Beesquit Bundle: 4 x400g Organic & Artisan Honey Selection

Beesquit Bundle: 4 x400g Organic & Artisan Honey Selection

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Introducing the beesquit Bundle, a collection of four 400g jars of premium raw honey:

  • Certified Organic Raw Multifloral Honey: Explore the diverse flavors of nature with this versatile honey blend.

  • Certified Organic Raw Buckwheat & Honeydew Honey: Indulge in the rich, dark hues and robust flavors of buckwheat and honeydew.

  • Artisan Raw Heather Honey: Experience the unique taste and therapeutic benefits of heather honey, perfect for culinary and medicinal use.

  • Artisan Raw Linden Honey: Savour the intense yet slightly spicy flavour of linden honey, prized for its antibacterial properties and culinary versatility.

With the beesquit Bundle, you'll enjoy a variety of raw honeys, each offering its own distinct taste and health benefits.

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